Time for Christmas Cheer!LIVE TONIGHT


There is a great channel on Youtube called “Shoot The Shit” they are a brother and sister act who is funny and a great pleasure to watch every night on their live stream at 9pm EST. Well, since November 16th they have been spreading much needed Christmas cheer this year. By gathering donations from viewers for people in need during this holiday season. They have a list of families they are working on helping, so far they have helped 19 families. All this a total of $300 each. You donate the money from your Paypal directly to the families Paypal that is being helped that night. 


Well, tonight they have a SECRET SANTA coming who is matching all donations up to $1500 tonight. Also, there is a signed autographed photo of Johnny Cash a youtube subscriber will be donating to the highest donor. This is a very special night and I really want to spread the word to everyone who is able to help these families. Even if you can only spare $1. It all adds up very quickly. Once the total of $300 is raised, they are able to move on to the next family on the list. 

Here is the link to their live feed which starts at 9PM EST. Lets spread some cheer in the spirit of giving. If you cant donate even just being there watching is giving. 


Get your fire burning and your Paypal working its time to help some families in need!!

None of the money you donate goes into anyone’s hands except for the people you are giving it to. Direct Paypal to Paypal donations. This is the best part of the holiday season is helping others and watching childrens faces light up on Christmas morning. And I’m telling you people SANTA is REAL!! He lives in a secret place in all our hearts. See you on the live stream and let’s have some fun!!


Happy Holidays Everyone !!




QI OF CALM Natural Anxiety Relief

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“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

How many of you suffer from stress, anxiety, and insomnia? I bet most of you do. Being the holiday season most peoples stress and anxiety levels rise to their highest levels of the year. The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness with your friends and loved ones. Insomnia plays are a large roll in the stress, being unable to sleep is a continuous cycle which is not good for your health. The body needs sleep to be able to repair each day and rejuvenate your energy.

I am happy to be able to tell you about this amazing lotion I have been using for two months now. Its called “Qi of Calm” by the company Resonant Botanicals. Resonant Botanicals is a small company based on Widgby Island in Washington State.  They have created this wonderful proprietary blend of herbs and oils which truly do work.

I have suffered from PTSD and panic attacks most of my life. I was always in the search for some sort of natural relief for years. The panic attacks at one point were so bad, I would faint in public places. Just out of the blue for no reason, I could be in mid laughter and next thing I know I’m on the ground. The most unbearable part of anxiety for me is the instant onset of chest pain. Which after years and years of tests have shown it is my anxiety my heart is fine.

Since I have had this Qi of Calm lotion I am now able to find relief when I’m having a panic attack, or when my general anxiety levels are high. And I use this nightly before bed to help me fall asleep. Bye bye insomnia, I am now able to sleep eight hours straight minimum.hair

When I feel my anxiety is high and if I have to go out shopping and I know there is a good chance I will have a panic attack I apply the lotion before this happens. You take a couple pumps into your hand and for best results, apply it to the left side of your abdomen just below your bottom rib. The soles of your feet especially your big toe, on my wrists and behind my knees. These are all trigger points and the best spots for the herbs and oils to be absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. This Qi of Calm works every time when I am in a serious anxiety moment. I carry it in my purse with me everywhere I go now and find relief in knowing its there, just in case.

Here are some of the ingredients. This is directly off their website.

“Western herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, skullcap, green tea, and passionflower are joined by Ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha, which is considered a tonic for protection against stress and Brahmi, which is believed to support sattva or the pure essence of consciousness. Brahmi helps to promote a balanced emotional state and aid with a restful sleep.

Green tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine, which has been historically shown to promote relaxation. L-theanine also has a chemical similarity to glutamate, which helps to calm nerve networks in the brain.”

Go to their website, they have an excellent write up about the Qi of Calm lotion and how it was made.

Resonant Botanicals


I truly want to thank Resonant Botanicals from the bottom of my heart for giving me this amazing product to test and review. It has improved my life so much and my anxiety is so much better. And being able to sleep !!! I recommend Qi of Calm 100% to everyone. And its safe for children!!



Invigorate Pain Relieving Lotion

Invigorate Pain Relieving Lotion

Invigorate Pain Relieving Lotion by Resonant Botanicals.

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

Resonant Botanicals

I have been using Invigorate Pain Relieving lotion made with hemp oil and hemp oil extract daily for the past forty-five days. A short back story on my medical conditions and why this lotion has helped me so well. Back in 2008, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, 2010 I herniated my discs  L3, L4, L5 and S1 in my lower back, 2016 Fibromyalgia, 2017 Rheumatoid Lung. Over these years I have been on a constant search for pain relieving products that are natural and not part of the prescription pain medicine category. When I was offered this lotion to test by Resonant Botanicals, I initially was skeptical because as I have tried many herbal supplements and creams and none of them have worked. Until now…

Resonant Botanicals Invigorate Lotion I really put to the test. On my most painful days, I compared this lotion to my 5% Lidocaine ointment gel. I would put Lidocaine on my left knee and the Invigorate Lotion on my right knee. The lidocaine gives a surface numbing effect but does not get deep into the synovial tissue surrounding my knees where the inflammation occurs. I applied the Invigorate lotion on my right knee and rubbed it in well. Set my timer for fifteen minutes to see if I could feel any difference. To my surprise, after about five minutes the pain in the right knee had decreased dramatically. And the left knee with the Lidocaine had not changed at all. The Invigorate actually took the sharp deep pulsing pain away completely! And my overall pain level dropped from a seven on the pain scale to about a four. I was able to relax my leg and slowly stretch out my knee. After fifteen minutes when the timer went off, I was able to get up out of my chair and walk around the house slowly. Whereas before I applied the lotion I was not able to walk around the house due to the pain spikes when I moved my knee and apply weight on it. The relief was so effective I was able to relax and my anxiety level from the pain dropped as well. What an amazing feeling that was! I know use the Invigorate lotion daily as part of my pain management program. In the mornings, before I get out of bed I apply lotion to all my stiff joints then fall back to sleep for thirty minutes. When its time to get up and move thirty minutes later, the Invigorate enables me to get out of bed on my own now without assistance from my husband. It truly has improved my mobility and happiness. I can’t thank Resonant Botanicals enough, for creating a pain relieving product that actually works!!

Watch my video I created about Invigorate Lotion:

The Ingredients are outstanding, Resonant Botanicals really did an excellent job on their proprietary blend.

Invigorate is made up of a combination of herbs such as turmeric, valerian, devil’s claw, Manjistha and Arjuna and those are steeped in organic Grape Seed Oil for over six weeks.  Then, the infused herb oil is added to organic Hemp Oil, Hemp Oil Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Clove Oil Extract, and Borage Oil, essential oils such as Sandalwood and Rose Otto from the Kazanlak region of Bulgaria, MSM and Magnesium Oil.

This is a fast acting, a deep absorbing lotion that WORKS! And relives my anxiety on top of the pain relief. I love this lotion and will be using it in my natural pain management routine for years and years to come. Thank you again, Resonant Botanicals! Sincerely, Tara.

Visit Resonant Botanicals website to order and see what other amazing products they have. 

Thank You Resonant Botanicals for making this life-changing product!!

Resonant Botanicals




Temairbeauty.com is live now !! woohoo

I have finally taken the step and gone self-hosted and putting the final touches on my new blog. Stofls.com will be taken down in 30 days.

My new address is:


I am so excited about this change. Temair is a Gaelic word meaning Hill of Tara which is a very historical place in Ireland. I was named after this place and my married name is Hill. So I couldn’t pass up this name it’s absolutely perfect for me.

If you are a new follower please go to my new site and if you are a current follower please check out the new site. It is still a work in progress but I pressed the go, live button this morning.

Thank you to my followers you all mean the world to me and I appreciate you reading my ramblings 🙂 Leave me a comment if you are new and I will make sure to follow you back. I promise.

Cheers, Tara Hill

Honi Essentials Monthly Box

cvbivzpueaajietNovember is here and the new Honi box is due to come out if it is as good as Octobers box essential oil lovers are going to be happy. I had the pleasure of reviewing Honi’s October box complimentary, all opinions in this post are my own and always will be me own.

The box came perfectly packaged securely with each bottle carefully wrapped so no spills or breakage. I was so excited to see they give you full-size bottles!

Over the past month, I have tested out many different oil companies learning about how to tell the difference in good quality and bad quality. Honi’s oils are very good quality. You can tell by their consistency. The oil runs like water but a little bit thicker. Good quality oils will never be cheap. The plant matter that is required to produce a good oil can be extremely expensive to produce, so if you are paying a cheap price you are probably getting a cheap oil.

Purity is a major factor when it comes to true essential oil. In the industry,there are so many fakes out there trying to pass off their product as, natural oil. Even an oil that is 100% pure may not have been processed correctly provides a mild flowery perfume scent. But this means nothing if it does not offer the proper therapeutic benefit of proper essential oils. 14915303_10153993131737548_5542741086676890256_n

Things to remember when using Essential oils

#1 Keep out of reach of children

#2 If you are pregnant consult with your doctor or just stay away from them completely

#3 Store them in a cool place

#4 Always use a base oil with them, ie: coconut oil unless you are using a defuser.

#5 Do not ingest them

Honi’s Essential Oil’s are Therapeutic grade very good quality. The monthly box comes with three full-size bottles per month.

Octobers box was lovely it came with Sweet Orange, Frankincense, and Cassia great combination.




Thank you Honi Essentials for the beautiful oils. Can’t wait to see what this month brings!

HoniEssentials Main Webpage

They are a wonderful small company, which I love to support small companies. So subscribe to their monthly box you will not be disappointed !!

Cheers, Tara Temair Beauty

Temair’s Essential Oil tip for 10/27/16

Today is a Sweet Orange day.


From all the essential oil scents Sweet Orange is my favorite maybe because it’s country of origin is Canada my homeland.

Sweet Orange is an excellent oil for when you are tired, fatigued, and mentally exhausted. The orange scent is very uplifting, calming, peaceful, energizing, mood enhancing, clean smelling.

Days like today when I wake up and I feel drained, exhausted and mentally fatigued from the moment I open my eyes I know it’s time to bring out the Orange oil and put it in the defuser. As I’m brewing my coffee the defuser is filling the house up with the energizing orange smell. I breathe in the smell deep, do some stretches and yoga moves in the kitchen while I wait for the coffee to brew. This always seems to loosen me up, wake up my body and mind. Puts my fatigue feeling down the drain and gets myself moving for the day.

When I am cleaning the house I always use Sweet Orange oil on my Swiffer Duster. You take the cloth duster and put three or four drops of oil on the top of the duster. The oil will soak into the duster a little bit but not enough to get on your furniture. I also like to put a drop or two on the backsides of the decorative pillows on the sofa. When the house is clean and smells good I find it very relaxing. It’s so nice to sit back and enjoy your home when you know if you have finished the task and you can now relax.

Friends always ask me, how do you keep your house so clean? It is simple really my theory is a clean house = a clean mind. Coming home from work exhausted to a clean house is exactly what you need. So each day when you have 10 mins, whip around the house and get those tasks done with the mindset you will be pleased and able to relax when you are done. Simple as that…..10 mins a day keeps the dust away.

Have a great day

Cheers, Tara