QI OF CALM Natural Anxiety Relief

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“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

How many of you suffer from stress, anxiety, and insomnia? I bet most of you do. Being the holiday season most peoples stress and anxiety levels rise to their highest levels of the year. The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness with your friends and loved ones. Insomnia plays are a large roll in the stress, being unable to sleep is a continuous cycle which is not good for your health. The body needs sleep to be able to repair each day and rejuvenate your energy.

I am happy to be able to tell you about this amazing lotion I have been using for two months now. Its called “Qi of Calm” by the company Resonant Botanicals. Resonant Botanicals is a small company based on Widgby Island in Washington State.  They have created this wonderful proprietary blend of herbs and oils which truly do work.

I have suffered from PTSD and panic attacks most of my life. I was always in the search for some sort of natural relief for years. The panic attacks at one point were so bad, I would faint in public places. Just out of the blue for no reason, I could be in mid laughter and next thing I know I’m on the ground. The most unbearable part of anxiety for me is the instant onset of chest pain. Which after years and years of tests have shown it is my anxiety my heart is fine.

Since I have had this Qi of Calm lotion I am now able to find relief when I’m having a panic attack, or when my general anxiety levels are high. And I use this nightly before bed to help me fall asleep. Bye bye insomnia, I am now able to sleep eight hours straight minimum.hair

When I feel my anxiety is high and if I have to go out shopping and I know there is a good chance I will have a panic attack I apply the lotion before this happens. You take a couple pumps into your hand and for best results, apply it to the left side of your abdomen just below your bottom rib. The soles of your feet especially your big toe, on my wrists and behind my knees. These are all trigger points and the best spots for the herbs and oils to be absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. This Qi of Calm works every time when I am in a serious anxiety moment. I carry it in my purse with me everywhere I go now and find relief in knowing its there, just in case.

Here are some of the ingredients. This is directly off their website.

“Western herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, skullcap, green tea, and passionflower are joined by Ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha, which is considered a tonic for protection against stress and Brahmi, which is believed to support sattva or the pure essence of consciousness. Brahmi helps to promote a balanced emotional state and aid with a restful sleep.

Green tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine, which has been historically shown to promote relaxation. L-theanine also has a chemical similarity to glutamate, which helps to calm nerve networks in the brain.”

Go to their website, they have an excellent write up about the Qi of Calm lotion and how it was made.

Resonant Botanicals


I truly want to thank Resonant Botanicals from the bottom of my heart for giving me this amazing product to test and review. It has improved my life so much and my anxiety is so much better. And being able to sleep !!! I recommend Qi of Calm 100% to everyone. And its safe for children!!



Explore Korean Beauty with Cupidrop!

I am happy to have been selected as a “1st generation Beautiful Pioneer” for the new Cupidrop Beauty website exploring the K-beauty world. Korean cosmetics has taken off like wildfire the past year, bringing us the most innovative and creative products to North America. I love being able to sample and try cosmetics from different cultures around the world. The launch of this website is a wonderful opportunity to try all these amazing products, review them and share with our friends and family.

My first product I have been sent is from Secret Key. I received a complimentary SELF BROW TATTOO TINT PACK which comes with a tube of eyebrow tattoo ink very similar to a liquid eyeliner product and a package of eyebrow stencils to create the perfect brow.

The eye14717294_10153924003047548_7528037804845509490_nbrow tattoo tint comes in several shades and once it’s applied can last on your brow between 3 to 5 days as long as you don’t intentionally wash it off. The liquid is not runny or goopy, is a good consistency to work with. Once you have applied it over the stencil you need to let it dry for about two hours or ideally overnight. So make sure you do this early in your get ready routine or even the day before if you are in a hurry.

It is waterproof and smudge free, makes it excellent for the rainy months coming up. Or if you are lucky and get to visit a beach this fall or winter holidays.


The stencil package has three brow shapes to choose from:

1) Chic brow, 2) Natural brow, or 3) Baby face brow. I found it easier to work with the stencil by using tape to hold it in place. Especially if you have shaky hands, took me several attempts to get it right. Just like mastering the wing, beauty takes practice and patience.


I am very happy with this product since I am not very good at mastering the brow.

Thank you, Secret Key and Cupidrop for sending me this product and choosing me to be one of the 1st Generation Beauty Pioneers!

You can find Cupidrop here at their website 

Cupidrop Website

make sure to sign up soon to get in on the action!

All products were sent to me complimentary for review and all opinions expressed are my own.



Eden’s Semilla Jojoba Oil

This past week I have been using Eden’s Semilla Jojoba Oil I received to do this review. All opinions in this review are my own honest and true to me. dsc_0003

I was delighted to try the Jojoba oil on my hair since It’s just end of summer now and my hair is dry and suffering from effects of the sun. Jojoba reminds me of my early teen years when Jojoba shampoo seemed to be the rave. My grandmother and I debating on the pronunciation of HO HO BA or JO JO BA I was wrong and always went with JO JO BA. My hair was always healthy and shines so nicely in the sun, I was proud of my Jojoba hair. I wasn’t aware of all the other benefits of Jojoba oil until I did research for this review. This is a wonderful natural organic oil, I am so glad to now have it part of my beauty care routine again. And being able to get 100% pure organic is even better. Jojoba is also excellent for your skin care as well moisturizing and naturally healthy for your face routine. 

Jojoba reminds me of my early teen years when Jojoba shampoo seemed to be the rave. My grandmother and I debating on the pronunciation of HO HO BA or JO JO BA I was wrong and always went with JO JO BA. My hair was always healthy and shines so nicely in the sun, I was proud of my Jojoba hair. I wasn’t aware of all the other benefits of Jojoba oil until I did research for this review. This is a wonderful oil, I am so glad to now have it part of my beauty routine again. And being able to get 100% pure organic is even better.

I wasn’t aware of all the other benefits of Jojoba oil until I did research for this review. This is a wonderful oil, I am so glad to now have it part of my beauty routine again. And being able to get 100% pure organic is even better.

The Jojoba plant is a large shrub that grows in Northern Mexico, Arizona, and California. The plant’s seeds can be distilled making a liquid type wax which in turn is used in the cosmetics industry. The oil is godsc_0013od for all purposes of the skin and hair and nails. The oil resembles Sebum, a substance that is produced by our skin glands.

Three times this week  I have done overnight hair care oil treatments on my hair. I have a shower washed my hair then with damp hair, I put about ten drops of the oil in my hands rubbing them together to warm the oil up then apply to my hair with my head upside down and really focus on my split ends. Then wrap my hair up in a shower cap and a towel and wear it to bed. Next morning I shower and wash the Jojoba oil out leaving my hair healthy full of bounce and shine. I am very pleased with the results I feel like I have teenager hair again. hair

Thank you,  Eden’s Semilla for sending me this wonderful product I look forward to seeing my hairs improvements over the next few weeks to come. I will be recommending this product to my friends and family.

Eden’s Semilla Website

Eden’s Semilla can also be purchased on Amazon.com

Thank you for reading

Cheers, Tara

Let your senses be filled with Organic Aromas

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

I have always been a type of person who loves to smell everything, fresh laundry, perfumes and essential oils are my favorite ! Two weeks ago I did a product review on Organic Aromas gorgeous oil nebulizer. I used up the first bottle in two days, I let the machine run for almost 24 hours straight. My house smells like a spa, so clean and refreshing. So, of course, I had to get the full set of oils from Organic Aromas. The set comes with six different scents in 10 ml size jars, perfect size for my heavy usage.


Here is a list of the scents:

  • Signature Blend – Their #1 house blend

  • Burglars

  • Passion

  • Serenity

  • Purity 

  • Energy

The packaging is a lightweight sturdy fold down box that is a nice display in itself. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves essential oils and aromatherapy. Out of the six jars, my favorite scent is Signature Blend I can smell why it’s the number one blend. It has highlights of Orange, Lemon, Sage and maybe Bergamot  I’m guessing?

The Nebulizer I am using is Organic Aroma’s Raindrop style with a beautiful handcrafted glass with 100% Plantation wood base. It features a rainbow led light so it’s always lighting up in beautiful colors which induce’s a calming effect. It emits scent up to 800 sq ft but personally I think it’s farther than that. I can smell the scent through my whole house which is a rancher one level home.

How Aromatherapy helps people living with illness, depression and especially chronic pain. Aromatherapy opens up your pathways to the “amygdala” which is the brain’s emotional center. Since the scents hit the Amygdala the thinking part of your brain can’t inhibit the benefits of the scents. Your brain will try to play games with you and well you win using aromatherapy.

Here is a list of oils that are good for pain and depression and anxiety.

My number one choice is the combination of Bergamot and Clary Sage. For years now I have suffered from anxiety and severe panic attacks. The Bergamot and Clary Sage combination instantly calms down my anxiety and especially the panic attacks. I carry a small bottle with me everywhere I go, if I feel an attack coming on I smell it for a few moments under my nose and it settles me right now.

  • Eucalyptus known to help with pain in the joints of arthritis

  • Lavender is well known for its relaxation properties reduces stress, anxiety and which is great when dealing with chronic pain. Personally, I can’t even try to reduce my pain levels if my anxiety is high.

  • Helichrysum oil has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help lessen pain.

  • Orange Oil The scent of orange oil has also been found to reduce anxiety and improve your mood, always such a nice clean smell.

  • Vanilla is another scent known to bring on relaxation and relieve tension and stress.


The common factor in all of these aromatherapies is stress relief and relaxation. Relieve your stress and relaxing helps lessen your pain, helps you sleep, and brings a smile to your face when you are least expecting it.

Organic Aroma’s oils in this six piece set have a combination of 30 different scents in the blends. This set is perfect for your health, your environment at home or at work. Put one on your desk at work and watch your co-workers be more productive and hopefully less stressed.

If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure consult your doctor before using any essential oils.

Cheers, Tara

Organic Aroma’s Website

This is a sponsored review all opinions are my own and always my own.


Keep your summer glow this fall with Pacifica’s Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

I received this beautiful palette in May and have been using it all summer. It highlights the natural glow in your face if you have a tan or no tan. The minerals bring out the color in your skin giving you a beautiful look. This palette is compact and is excellent to carry in your purse or to take on vacation. It has everything you need, eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters.

That palette is very strong and sturdy with a flip over top like a book. So it won’t bend or break in your bag or purse. Pacifica (1)


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I found the palette very easy to work with and versatile you can create many looks. I did have a problem with fall out on the eyeshadows so make sure to tap your brush. The colors are gentle and light so you can work them up to the shade you desire. The highlighters are a creamy texture takes a little getting use to  but they are gorgeous and look so natural on the skin. Truly brings out your natural glow whether you have a tan or no tan. I recommend this palette for Fall for sure!

Thank you, Pacifica, for making great organic vegan products. I’m proud to do this review.

This is not a sponsored review I bought the product with my own money.

You can reach Pacifica at 

Pacifica’s Website

I would love to hear your feedback and don’t forget to please follow this blog.

Cheers Love Tara

My blogging dream…..


My dream is to review and promote #makeup for men and women in my age range. We are finely aged like a beautiful wine, show makeup to #SPOONIES people in chronic pain. Makeup quick and easy to bring smiles to our faces when we need it the most. Living with autoimmune illness is a daily battle of your mental strength. A dash of lipstick and blush can go a long way on a hard day. I am addicted to makeup and would love to show off your products. I’m disabled and unable to work outside of my home.So the good thing about that is I have tons of free time. This journey will be fun and exciting and help me deal with my pain daily. Give me a try and you will be happy. I want to turn this into a full-time job with an income. Looking for sponsorship opportunities and product reviews. 26308c58d21d6e1f949b4617fe9a9ac0

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Ahava ‘s New Prickly Pear & Moringa the beauty of plants.

Earlier this week, a wonderful package of Ahava Skincare products arrived at my door. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe it was Ahava’s new Prickly Pear and Moringa skincare line! I had been looking at these products on their website for about a week wishing I was able to try them. Well, Ahava saw my posts and sent me the products complimentary for my review.

I live in southern Arizona and have Prickly Pear Cactus growing in my yard and everywhere in the wild around me home. Every summer we pick the pears and use them to make jams and pies. They taste delicious and are full of health benefits. Prickly pear cactus, also called nopal, is promoted for treating diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and hangovers. It is also touted for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Some preliminary evidence shows that prickly pear cactus can decrease blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.Prickly pear contains magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, and many other nutrients.


The beauty benefits of Prickly Pear Cactus comes from cold pressed seeds into oils . The oils have not widely been known until recently. Beauty experts are now saying goodbye to Argan oil and hello to Prickly Pear oil. The oil contains vitamins E and K, Prickly pear seed oil is an excellent choice for mature, aging or damaged skin.


This photo is from the plant in my yard, the fruit is almost ready for picking in about two more weeks when it turns a bit darker purple. You pick them with tongs and then burn the thorns off. I absolutely love this plant so needless to say I am thrilled with Ahava’s use of the plant in their new products.

Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion with Prickly Pear and Moringa. The bottle is 8.5 fl oz with a nice pump applicator.


Every day after I get out of the shower with my skin still a bit damp I slather my body in this lotion. The texture is very silky, light weight with a soft scent of Moringa and Prickly Pear. My skin has become nicely hydrated and so soft. This is now a regular part of my daily skin care routine.

Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist with Prickly Pear and Moringa

This gorgeous smelling body mist really boosts my mood. Moringa is one of my favorite scents I find refreshing, clean, light floral soft and subtle for every occasion. The mist is a dry oil that hydrates and softens your skin with no oily feel. Best I can describe the spray feels like you are putting silk on your skin, so soft. I gently rub it all over my body and all over my hair for a long lasting scent. Excellent for layering the scent with the body lotion. Light green glass bottle with a nice spray applicator comes in 3.4 fl oz. DSC_0295

  • Jojoba Seed Oil, one of nature’s greatest replenishing agents, smoothes, softens and hydrates skin
  • Dunaliella Algae slows down cell degradation by protecting skin from free radical damage
  • Sesame Seed and Vitamin E Oils, rich in healing and anti-aging properties, help strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and give the body a healthy glow.

This is my favorite product of the line. I am using it constantly !

Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Creme Prickly Pear and Moringa

Over the years I have used hundreds of hand creams and none of them compare to this product. This cream leaves my hands absolutely silky smooth and very hydrated. I have a problem with eczema patches on my fingers. And sore Rheumatoid nodules on my joints that become red and swollen. I’m sure the Prickly Pear in this cream is helping these issues. My dry spots are gone and the swelling of my nodules has reduced. I do catch myself applying the cream three to four times a day because I love the smell and feel so much. I know Prickly Pear is, known to have anti-inflammatory properties to it but I am not a doctor so I cant say for sure. But I am happy with the results!! I carry this in my purse along with the body mist. DSC_0306

  • Allantoin heals dry cracked skin and blemishes
  •  Witch Hazel extracts sanitizes and smoothes skin, providing a refreshing, revitalizing effect

The Allantoin could be what’s healing my hands as well as the Prickly Pear properties.


I am so happy to bring you this review. These products are luxury and top quality. I would recommend them to everyone. This is a sponsored review and all opinions are my own.

And I give it a “Spoonie Approved” !!

Thank you Ahava for providing me with these beautiful products. I love them very much and will be ordering lots more as I run out. So please keep making them. Your Prickly Pear Moringa Line is a huge hit!!

I am very proud to be an Ahava Affiliate Merchant so if you are wanting to purchase these products you can use my link below to buy directly from their website. As an, affiliate I receive a small commission on whatever you buy. Thank you it helps me keep this site up and running.

And they have a great sale running until August 22nd !!

Buy More, Save More: 30% Off All Orders, 40% Off Orders $150+ & 50% Off Orders $250+! Use Code: AUGSALE. Valid through 8/22!

@Ahava_US on Twitter

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Glossybox USA Unboxing Video

Today four Glossyboxs arrived at my door!! Unboxing video

Video is up

Christmas comes every month

I am so happy I subscribed to Glossybox after many months of trying to decide which beauty box to try.

So exciting!! Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to my youtube channel that would be wonderful. Enjoy Tara

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Organic Aromas Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

DSC_0227[1]Today I was happy to see a box on my door, from Organic Aromas. This product has been sent to me for my review and opinion. As many of you know, I live with two chronic illnesses daily. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, both diseases are extremely painful and debilitating a lot of the time. Living in pain every day of your life can be not just a physical struggle but also a major mental struggle. You are constantly looking for any sort of distraction from the pain to keep you moving and functioning through the days. I consider myself to be extremely strong mentally, but sometimes the pain, fatigue, and frustration take over. So, when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser I was very happy. A distraction! Over the years I have heard about the benefits of Essential oils for pain relief but I never bothered to try it. Also, kind of didn’t believe in smelly oils taking my pain aw
ay. If my medicine doesn’t do it, how can a smell? I asked myself.

After doing lots of research on the internet about the benefits of essential oils for illness and chronic pain. Leaving about the benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot and many others. I opened up the box and put my disbelief aside. The Ionic Nebuliser was packaged very well. It comes with a beautiful glass oil reservoir with a nice glass cap and an electric bamboo base. It comes with a bottle of Pure Essential oil in the scent of Serenity. I put a few drops in the glass reservoir and turned it on. It lite up with the most beautiful colours! Reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens as it changes colors you can see the oil running over the light inside. Very beautiful and soothing just to look at. The smell is amazing, hints of spearmint and peppermint gently filled the living room. The scent carried a good way through my house. My husband and I had been sitting on the sofa watching a movie.DSC_0219[1]

Well, two hours later I woke up from a wonderful nap. I look over and my husband is snoring beside me along with our two dogs at our feet. My pain level had dropped and I felt refreshed and peaceful. When my husband woke up a little while later I looked at him and said, wow this aromatherapy stuff works ! I absolutely love this product and I will recommend it to everyone. Now I am going to need to stock up on oils because I know I will be using Organic Aromas daily.


You can find Organic Aromas at:

@Organicaromas on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+

Organic Aromas Website

Thank you Organicaromas for this beautiful product to fiscilitate a sponsored review. All opinions in this post are my own and always will be. I love this product !